Intentional Relationships Centered Around God’s Word

You have taken a bold step in considering facilitating or hosting a Small Group at LifePoint. Thank you for your courage! Small Group Hosts and Facilitators are on the front line of discipleship: Deeply connecting people to Christ, LifePoint and each other; this comes through knowing and loving God, ourselves, and others.

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Small Group Leader Handbook

Let’s start here! As a Leader of LifePoint, you are the heart and soul of our church! For that reason, we ask you to read through the entire Leader Handbook. It is a great place for you to understand your commitment and be prepared to lead a small group!


Hosting Small Group in a Box

Leading a group this summer, start here! 


How to Participate in a Small Group

Congratulations! You have been invited to participate in a small group! Small groups provide a safe place for a personal encounter with Jesus, the development of authentic friendships, and honest sharing. People who participate in small groups testify to the many blessings that come from walking the journey of faith with their peers. This handy guide highlights the things you need to know to participate in a small group and get the most out of your experience.

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