Wind and Fire Week 6

WIND AND FIRE – WEEK 6 Kile Baker Jesus did some pretty incredible work during His ministry on earth, so it’s a little hard to imagine that we will do “greater things” than what He did. I mean He’s God, how can we do things greater than God? We actually can’t, but it’s with Him […]

Wind and Fire Week 5

WIND AND FIRE – WEEK 5 Kile Baker Do you like to wait? Of course you don’t, most of us don’t like to wait. As Christians we are waiting, waiting for Christ’s return, waiting to get to be with Him in heaven, and internally we just can’t wait until these things happen! But what do […]

Wind and Fire Week 4 WIND AND FIRE – WEEK 4 Kile Baker What are the gifts of the Spirit? We all have different gifts, given for different purposes according to the will of God. Each gift is given to serve its purpose for the body of Christ. When we all put our gifts together it is for the […]

Wind and Fire Week 3

WIND AND FIRE – WEEK 3 Kile Baker How does God communicate with us? Maybe we hear from the Holy Spirit audibly, or maybe it’s a dream, or a feeling or driving force. But how do we know that what we are hearing is from God? Scripture is the key to interpreting what is from […]

Wind and Fire Week 2 WIND AND FIRE – WEEK 2 Kile Baker Are you relying on God’s purpose and power? We often rely on ourselves, or others for change, for answers, or for hope. How often do we turn to God first when we are in times of trouble and despair? Another question to ask ourselves is whether […]

Wind and Fire Week 1 WIND AND FIRE – WEEK 1 Kile Baker Where is God when I need Him? God is with you through everything. Through His Holy Spirit, God comforts us, convicts us, and guides us. The Holy Spirit constantly points us back to truth. What is truth? Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and […]