Why I Have Faith


Sandy Martin

Key Scripture: “And she will have a son, and you will save his people from their sins.” —Matthew 1:21


Until recently I don’t believe that I’ve ever been asked “why I have faith.” Have you been asked this question? This question has led me on an adventure of Biblical exploration. In order to answer this question well I’ve been reading, researching and praying. I’ve been trying to put into words “why I have faith.” 


Here goes…. 


The Bible is filled with parables. Parables are earthly stories with heavenly applications. The parable I’d like to focus on comes from the gospel of Luke, 15:11-32. It’s a little lengthy so for the sake of space, I’m going to paraphrase the story. If you have time to read it from the Bible, it’s worth the investment of time. 


The story is about a man with two sons who has a comfortable life. The younger son decides that he is tired of being under the rule of his father and wants to do things his own way. I think the son may have had a temper tantrum, stomped his feet and asked not so nicely for half the inheritance that he felt was owed him. Graciously, his father gives it to him. Before long the son has spent all his money in a distant land. He begins to starve. He persuades a farmer to let him tend to his pigs and becomes so hungry that he ate right alongside the pigs that he was tending to. No one gave him anything to help him. 


When the son finally comes to his senses, he decides that he would go home even though he felt unworthy of being his father’s son. His father welcomes him back with open arms and had compassion for him. The father throws a grand celebration in honor of his return, a party where the best calf was served. The son was given the finest robe, a ring for his finger and sandals for his feet. The father said that he had thought his son dead but had returned to life, “He was lost, but now was found.” 


This parable is representative of the sorry state of sinners. It’s about those who distance them-selves from God, running away from loving, honoring, making God the leader of their life. Al- most 50 years ago I recognized that I had a vast hole in my heart I couldn’t seem to fill. My life was great—kids, husband, a home. I thought it was enough. It wasn’t. A sinner’s life is one of constant dissatisfaction. 


We are all sinners, saved by faith. God stands at the door of our heart, waiting for us to open it. (Revelation 3:20) You can be part of God’s family or face separation from God. I’m happy to say I am part of God’s family. 


I know why I am I here on earth, to be a member of God’s family. When you say yes to God you have God’s promise of a place in his family and a place in heaven. If you aren’t sure you’re a member of God’s family, there is a celebration in waiting for you. 


Steps of Faith: God, I know at some point in all our lives we face a crossroad where we must make a choice to believe or not believe, the cross will either beckon us or offend us. Help us to make to make the better choice. The right choice brings life, hope. Help us to honor you by saying “yes” and go where you lead us even though we don’t know where that might take us. With you beside us, anything is possible. Thank you for loving us! 


Deeper Walk Scripture: Revelation 3:20, John 3:16 

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