I See God Everywhere


Heather D’Angeli

Key Scripture: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” —Genesis 50:20

When I was a senior in college completing my internship, a fellow intern and non-believer asked me, “how can you believe in something you can’t see?” At the time, I responded with, “you believe in the wind, don’t you?” 

Eight years later, I have so much more to add to that thought. 

When I was in elementary school, I had a very traumatic experience. When I went to the adults in my life for help I was told that it was my fault and that I should have stopped the event from occurring. 

I remember running to my room, grabbing a storybook about Jesus that my mom got from a garage sale, and opening it to the Lord’s prayer. I curled up in my bed, sobbing and read it aloud. Inexplicably, I felt a warm and calming feeling throughout my entire little body and my tears instantly stopped. I felt peace, love and acceptance. I was too young to know what that presence was at the time, but I know what it is now.

When I was 17, my best friend died in a tragic accident. At the same time, I was struggling with knowing what path I should take after high school. I had no direction and no clarity on what to do after graduation.

One night I dreamed about my friend who had died. In the dream she expressed the path that God wanted me to take, and that I should pursue a career in mental health as a therapist. While I don’t want to overly spiritualize this dream it does remind me of the story of Joseph found in Genesis 37. As a young man Joseph experienced profound dreams that set him on a specific trajectory for his life. 

I can still recall every detail of that dream to this day. When my first marriage ended, I was left to drive across the country with my belongings in trash bags. I was homeless, jobless and sitting on the side of the road shaking with fear. The song, “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott came on and once again I felt the same presence. The song became my anthem and was on repeat for months as I put the pieces of my life back together. 

In all of these instances, I couldn’t see God. Jesus wasn’t calling me on the phone and the Holy Spirit was not giving me a hug. But, through it all I know that God never left me. The Holy Spirit has convicted and spoken to my soul though dreams, emotions, music and even nature. I see God in my life everywhere I look. I see God in a beautiful sunset, in a springtime breeze, in the smiles of strangers, in a therapy session where a client has a breakthrough, in the women in my community group, in inspirational quotes that pop up on my newsfeed at just the right time, in my relationships, and in quiet moments when some piece of wisdom comes to me that could not have been created on my own. 

I believe, because the evidence is everywhere. When I open my eyes, my heart, my ears, and my soul, God floods the gates. It doesn’t have to be an incredible epiphany or miracle for me to see the golden thread God has woven through my life. All it takes is for me to slow down and quiet my own rambling thoughts enough for God’s voice to be heard, seen, or felt. 

God doesn’t need to be seen. God is able to be experienced in so many ways using all of our senses. He is omnipresent, arms wide open, simply waiting for us to receive Him. 

Being open to finding God throughout this existence is thrilling to me. Everyday presents a new opportunity and new ways for all of us to connect to our loving Creator. If the Old Testament tells us anything, it’s that God will not stop showing up. God didn’t fail to show up for Joseph and he hasn’t failed to show up for me. I can promise you this, He will not fail you or abandon you. 

No matter how far we stray, how little faith we have, or how broken and unworthy we may feel. Today, my response to that intern would be much longer than I’ve written here, with all the gritty details included. Instead of posing the question about the wind I would say, “I see God everywhere.” 

Steps of Faith: Lord, even when my faith is as small as a mustard seed please help me sense your presence. Draw me to you in my darkest moments and sustain me in every high and low that this life brings. Help me to have the confidence to share you with those around me. Let your spirit be within me, all the days of my life. Amen. 

Deeper Walk Scripture: Psalm 148, Isaiah 55:12, Revelation 5:13

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