Motivated By Love


Woody Chapman

Servant Leadership

When you think of the word servanthood what comes to mind? From a worldview perspective I think most people would consider servanthood as subservient to someone and in a sense working for a master. I also believe that the word carries a negative connotation today. 

However from a biblical worldview, which is the lens I prefer to look through, the word servanthood carries a much different meaning because of what it is motivated by and the expressions we read about in the bible. It is motivated by love and expressed by grace. And the author of love and grace is our Father in Heaven, demonstrated on earth by His Son, Jesus Christ and allowing us to have these characteristics work in and through us by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

At LifePoint Church our Men’s Leadership has defined 8 characteristics that we strive to develop in our lives. Motivated by Love to serve one another is one of those characteristics. 

Serving people is an honor within the Christian community and in doing so we are glorifying God and not ourselves. And serving people can be difficult at best if we don’t allow God’s grace to do the work and allow our lives to reflect Jesus. The bible teaches us as we have received grace from God, not because of what we have done and because He gives us grace freely, unexpected and totally undeserving, we are to give it to others. When we serve this way the word servanthood no longer has a negative connotation whatsoever. As a matter of biblical fact, serving with grace in love is becoming Christlike. 

I know in my life the only way I can truly serve people is to have less of me show up and more of Christ in me do His redemptive work. When I express Him, His grace and His love serving is no longer a task and is a blessing to use the gifts, talents and time He has given me to make a difference in someone’s life. We live out our faith by serving others. God’s compassion given to us by His grace and love turns into action as we serve others. And the circle is complete. God gives, we give and God is glorified. And that my friend is how I desire to lead. 

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