Jesus Sees The Marginalized, Even You And Me


Jess Grant

Scripture: Matthew 9:20-22

The word “marginalized” means to treat a person, group or concept as insignificant. Have you ever felt insignificant? Does my life really matter? 

Let me tell you about my own struggle with these questions:

When I was 18 years old, I joined the Army. I hadn’t really dated much in High School. I was a friendly, nerdy girl who guys didn’t really notice. All of the sudden, I was in the male-dominated military world and getting all kinds of male attention. 

My first duty station was South Korea and the day I landed in this foreign country I met two women around my age. We decided to go to a bar on base. Once there a tall handsome guy started flirting with me. 

I remember feeling so special, this handsome guy was ignoring my two new friends and focusing all of his attention on me. He invited the three of us to a party the next day. I felt pretty comfortable since the other two girls were going too. Once we got to the party the “handsome guy” started making me alcoholic drinks—I later found out they were also laced with a date rape drug. I blacked out and when I woke up I was being raped and beaten. 

My life was forever changed in that moment. I went from being friendly and outgoing to feeling empty, insignificant, worthless and unlovable. I had been raised a Christian, but I felt very far away from God. How could God let such a horrible thing happen to me? How could a good God let me feel so scared and alone. 

A couple years later a friend from work was invited to his Church Easter choir concert. I was still mad at God but I loved Gospel music, so I decided to go. The words of the songs started resonating with me in ways I had never experienced  before. 

The next week a couple people from the Church came over to my small apartment and prayed with me. I accepted Christ into my life that day. They gave me a Bible and I started reading it every day. 

Early in my studies I came across the story in Matthew 5:25-34 about a woman in the Bible who had an incurable bleeding disorder. This bleeding disorder not only hurt her physically, but it also caused her to be an outcast, since she was unclean. She had spent all of her money going to doctors and none had been able to help her. 

She was desperate and running out of options. Matthew tells us she had heard about a man named Jesus and thought if I could just touch his robe then, I will be healed.

Once she touched Jesus’s robe she was immediately healed. Jesus realized healing power had left him and immediately began asking who touched him. The frightened woman realizing what happened fell on her knees in front of Jesus. Do you know how Jesus responded? 

And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over”.  —Mark 5:34

Jesus not only healed her physically, but he also lifted her out of her shame and called her daughter. Broken and alone I sat with my Bible in my hands and cried out to God. “God you see me; you know I am in pain – please help me!” 

That simple prayer led me down a path of love and healing, the type of healing that can only be found in Jesus. Now, as I sit here typing this message to each of you, I pray that your healing journey can begin. You are surrounded by an amazing group of women who love and support you, you don’t have to carry the pain around anymore. 

Steps of Faith: God we come to you broken and hurting. We love you and we give you our lives to you. We come humbly before you and ask for a fresh vision of what breakthrough will look like in our lives. Help us to pursue healing and find rest in the middle of life’s storms. Thank you for calling me your daughter. Help me to live a life where when others see me, they see all the things you have done in my life. May my life be a living testimony of your love and Grace. In Jesus’s Name, Amen. 

Deeper Walk Scripture: Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48


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