I Told You So


Somer Lyons

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

Have you ever had great news to share and been met with disbelief? When your great news was found to be true, how did you feel? Did you feel vindicated? Were you annoyed that your telling was insufficient? Was another’s support of your story or some other proof required? Do you hold back your amazing stories for fear that they will be disregarded?

Consider Mary Magdalene. She was the first person to see Jesus risen from the dead. Imagine watching someone die by crucifixion and days later seeing that same person very much alive. 

She was commanded and empowered—defined as given the power and the authority—to tell others about this great news, this miracle, and she did it immediately.

No one believed her. She was a lady with a past. She was a woman in a time where the status of women depended on husbands and male relatives. Aren’t we glad she shared her story anyway? Aren’t we glad God makes a surprising choice as a key person in his story? A woman! A woman with a past. A redeemed woman. The first person to share the Gospel. 

I wonder how she felt when her story was backed up by 500 other witnesses. Did she say, “I told you so?”

Do you know that, as followers of Christ, we are commanded and empowered to tell others what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives? Yes, there is the possibility that some may not believe us. Are you afraid of being dismissed because of your past, your status, or any other fear-based insecurity? 

Mary Magdalene likely had those same fears, and Jesus, the King of Kings, gave Mary Magdalene the power and the authority to tell others. He’s empowered you as well. Be a vital part in God’s story. You’ve been given the power and authority by the only one worthy to give it.

Steps of Faith: God, I confess, I struggle sharing what you’ve done for me with others. Remind me that you, yourself have empowered me and commanded me to make disciples of all nations, starting with those I’m in relationship with now. Help me to be obedient and to share the best news ever with a world in desperate need of good news.

Deeper Walk Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10, 16, John 20:11-18, 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

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